The world’s society is slowly awakening to the idea of utilizing the natural and sustainable means of nature to produce a variety of resources and generate electrical energy. Today, we have taken the time to list some of the newest environmentally-friendly creations of mankind. Let’s kick it off!

Enter, the portable water turbine – an invention that is no larger than the medium-sized refrigerator, can be placed in a river or a stream and it will generate electrical energy needed to power a two-story house.

It is an all-known fact that constructing wind turbines is a very expensive and hard process; with the latest innovation in designs, however, a newer type of smaller, more efficient turbines appeared in a number of countries.

Bio-Degradable Packaging

Plastic pollution has been one of the major modern issues of our age, and scientists work hard day and night to deliver a viable solution. Recent discoveries in the chemistry sector have allowed us to see bottles and packaging made from seaweed, rice-fibre, and other organic materials.

waste 7.7 million tonnes

UK biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) sent to landfill

waste-basket 32.8 million tonnes

the UK generation of commercial and industrial waste

recycling 44.9%

The recycling rate for England