Over the last century, society has come a long way in terms of minimizing its carbon footprint on the planet and reducing the rate at which its resources are wasted. A lot more awareness has been raised about the significance of recycling and in some European countries, it is a mandatory activity. Germany is considered to be the most recycling-efficient country in the world, with a 51%. Today, we take a look at how much more countries worldwide can advance in a way that will benefit both nature and society.


A Complete Reuse of Materials

While many countries are getting the hang of it, an almost perfect recycling process is yet to be developed. The problem is that even our current ability to re-purpose and process plastics, paper, metals, and glass, is not as efficient as it can be. In most processes, some of the resources can be lost and the waste from the process could contribute to any existing pollution issues. It is estimated that in around two decades, we will be able to utilize 99.9% of any recycled materials with only a 0.01% waste, which could be repurposed as fertilizer.

The Interest of Society for Sustainability is Rising

Each day more and more people are interested in repurposing materials in the comfort of their own home. Of course, major recycling is done in large factories that have a fully automated process, but some folks have decided to take matters into their own hands. This applies to both reusing old materials and also generate their own energy. It is very likely that the number of people in the future that will utilize individual sustainable energy sources will skyrocket.

waste 8 million tonnes

UK biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) sent to landfill

waste-basket 33 million tonnes

the UK generation of commercial and industrial waste

recycling 45%

The recycling rate for England

The Future Is Looking Bright

Many countries in the world are trying to promote the use of electric-based transportation, by reducing particular fees and taxes for citizens who decide that they want to “go green”. Every day governmental programs are created to expand the renewable energy industry, and slowly, but surely everybody’s getting there. Our computers are getting faster, our societies are becoming more aware, and our future appears to be more prosperous than ever.