In the race for a sustainable way of existence, it is understandable that some countries will be ahead of others. When we take into account that some economies are larger and stronger than others, we can see a clear difference, but the mindset of society is also an important factor. In this article, we are going to describe a few of the cities that are “behind the curve” in the environmentally-friendly department, and what positive example they give us.


Copenhagen – Denmark

We all know that Denmark along with other Northern-European countries is big on green living, but it is the social factor that helps Copenhagen to become the most Eco-friendly city in the world. As you would have guessed already, biking in this town is quite popular and it is quite common for people to go to work and to school via a bicycle.


Amsterdam – Netherlands

This city is definitely special! It is an all-known fact, that the bicycles in Amsterdam are much more than people. What is even more admirable, is the ban on automobiles in the center and a wide area around the town. This not only promotes green living by riding a bicycle but also keeps the air fresh and free from pollution.


Stockholm – Sweden

Visitors to Stockholm often try to intentionally find litter on the ground. The government’s draconian laws on littering have given the push society needed to develop a more self-conscious way of living. Just as the cities described above, Stockholm’s air is fresh, and any transport that is still operating on burning fossil fuels is kept to a minimum.


Vancouver – Canada

Europe isn’t the only continent that is big on environmentally-conscious living! Vancouver is renowned for its wonderful mountains and nature, and the residents there want to keep it clean and proper. Regarded to be the hometown of the environmental organization Greenpeace, you can be sure that everybody will watch if visitors and tourists “keep it clean”.

Berlin – Germany

One of the leading names in recycling, Germany’s capital is truly one of the cleanest cities in the world. This is indeed fascinating, given the fact of the rich amount of nationalities living in Berlin. The anti-littering and pollution laws here are also firm, and you can be fined up to €3,000 if caught littering!

Reykjavik - Iceland

Where do people ride hydrogen buses and convert wind, water, and geothermal energy into electricity? In Reykjavik, of course. Every photo you would take there will look like it was a photoshopped masterpiece because the streets are so clean! If you’re looking for a place where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy one of the most eco-friendlier tourist destinations in the world, Iceland definitely has something to offer.


People in Those Cities are Already on a Different Level

While some countries still struggle with the idea of diving different waste for recycling sake, those cities have already passed beyond that point. In fact, in they think about recycling in sort of a patriotic and positive way – they feel good every time they exit their houses because they see how clean everything is, and it’s not only them that are doing their part but everyone. The rest of the world needs to catch up!

The Top 10 Eco-Friendly Modern-day Innovations

The world’s society is slowly awakening to the idea of utilizing the natural and sustainable means of nature to produce a variety of resources and generate electrical energy. Today, we have taken the time to list some of the newest environmentally-friendly creations of mankind. Let’s kick it off!